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Our Charter


Vision & Mission

  • Vidyasagar Learning (VL) aims to be among the most respected brands in quality education.


  • We strive to create quality benchmarks.
  • Our programs have upgraded quality content and superior delivery.
  • We develop coaching and training programs for new markets.
Service Delivery

Service Delivery

  • We effectively blend classroom & online learning environments
  • Our work processes follow standard operating procedures.
  • We provide the best online experience in the coaching space in India.

Customer Focus

  • We provide easy accessibility to existing & prospective students
  • We satisfy our students educational need at every stage.
  • We nurture our students to produce remarkable scores and high ranks.

Associates & Collaborators

  • We work with people of integrity who are passionate to make a difference.
  • Our professional relationships are transparent and fair.
  • We engage in newer models of collaboration for benefit of all involved.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Vidyasagar supports educational initiatives in underprivileged sections of society.

Operational & Management Team

  • Each Vidyasagar team player is a motivated, skilled person with high accountability.
  • We make quick and accurate decisions.
  • We nurture in-house talent to take on leadership roles.